Walter Lobyn Hamilton

Vinyl Record Artist

The medium is everything in this style of art. There is an unspoken bond between the record and vinyl owner. From the smell of the cover on the LP to the gentle needle setting on the groove, playing vinyl is quite sacred and ritualistic. I remember having to pay a monthly rental storage fee for all my vinyl when I lived in a small apartment. $50 a month just to keep them, the value of being able to pick up a vinyl and remember a perfect moment in time, just the value of my records being able to take me back to that place in time and conjure up emotion even before the needle hit the record was worth the heavy fee. This is the bond that I share with my vinyl and with the music.

Being able to recreate the icons I grew up listening to and resurrecting political activists by using musical artists, who share those same perspectives, is indescribable. There is such an ease and calm when creating. I donít plan my next piece on canvas; there is no forethought other than completing the piece and starting another as soon as possible. Upgrading with each piece and pushing the limit to what I think I have the ability to create, is my main focus. There is no better reward than looking at work you never knew you had the power, diligence, or creative energy to bring into existence.

I have been drawing since I was young. Shading with pencil was my greatest medium. The shading was so meticulous that it was actually counterproductive since it took so long to finish. One project would be done well but the entire semester would have passed by. Later on painting and using color charcoal was learned. While in high school I asked my father for turntables and have been collecting records ever since. Now with Serato and other Djing advancements, vinyl for the DJ has become obsolete. The vinyl art is a tribute to music, artists, life, Djing, and icons alike. It is a homage to the feelings and memories we establish and remember from our dealings with music and vinyl records.

I hope you all enjoy what you have seen.

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